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News of Hatari

A lot has happened at Hatari. In May, we welcomed our new managers Katrin and Denis. Katrin is mainly responsible for operational management and is complimented by Denis who supports her in technical problems and maintenance.

This year we renewed our deck on which our guests can now enjoy the direct view of the plains next to the crackling fire once again. Guests can enjoy a cool sundowner or relish a glass of wine next to the crackling fire on our deck.
The room design has also been further developed. The strong retro colours have now been replaced by smooth pastel shades. The circle wallpapers have been exchanged by peacock feather symbols. The symbolism of the peacock varies according to different spiritual traditions. Most embrace the peacock as a symbol of beauty. The eye pattern on the feathers of the peacock represents the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, and thus symbolizes the universe. The peacock is also known to symbolize the circle of life when he shows off his majestic feathers in the form of a brilliant coloured wheel. The peacock also became a very important symbol in Tibetan mythology due to his ability to take poisonous plants to himself without harming himself. With this, he became the symbol for the ability of turning everything bad into good. Specifically, the peacock eye on the feather of the animal is a sign of consciousness.