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Ngurduto Crater hike_Wanderung

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Ngurdoto Crater Hike

The Ngurdoto Crater is also known as “Little Ngorongoro Crater”. This beautiful part of the park resembles a stranded Ark in the middle of a jungle which is reached via a curvy and steep mountain road. The crater has a diameter of 2,5 km and from the edge you have an amazing view past giant trees, lianas and strangler figs into the crater. More than half of the crater ground is covered by swamps.

“And that’s how it happened, at night, in total darkness.
They were sleeping nearby the fire on the ground holding each other softly.
The first thing he heard was the rattle of Saida and at first he thought she was speaking to him while dreaming. Then there was this breath over his face and the pain as finger-long fangs cut into his neck and his face. Then his lower jaw broke. Just for a glimpse he had opened his eyes and saw something huge and black with amber-coloured eyes…”

The story tells about the legendary Gurumico, who according to the Meru and Maasai roams the Ngurdoto Crater. But do not fear; there will be a ranger to accompany our hike through the crater. Since the Margarete Trappe era no human was allowed to walk in the crater and Hatari Lodge is now granted an exclusive trial period to enter the crater with our guests on foot. The legend of Gurumico is just one out of many fairytales about the Ngurdoto crater. Margarete Trappe, known as the white huntress and owner of the Trappe farm once discovered the crater while she was following the tracks of a huge elephant bull. When she saw him and his impressive figure she could not shoot him and was therefore rewarded with the sudden appearance of the Ngurdoto Crater.
After breakfast we drive to the crater to meet the ranger who will be accompanying us on our hike. We then descend through the dense jungle down to the crater floor. Leaving the dense rainforest behind us, wide swamp and moorlands open in front of us. We come across islands of huge papyrus plants in lakes, hiding buffaloes and warthogs and with a bit of luck we might catch a glimpse of Babu, a massive elephant bull who enjoys his remaining years on the crater floor.
Please note there is an additional 50 US$ p.P. for this exclusive hiking tour.