Shu‘mata – a “Sundowner“ in heaven


Repeatedly selected as one of the best 10 camps with the most beautiful view in Africa, the Shu’mata Camp is suitable to get away from everyday life and experience the beauty of an untouched landscape.
Experience a scenic drive from Hatari Lodge to Shu’mata Camp located in the heart of the Maasai Steppe

  • Enjoy a 360° view of the African savannah at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Live in one of our six en-suite tents in Hemingway style with a Maasai touch
  • Have an authentic Maasai experience in Maasai land bordering the Amboseli ecosystem with:
  • Private & exclusive game drives
  • Maasai boma visit and sundowner on the plains with night time game drive
  • Profound nature walk with Maasai
  • Half-day game drive or guided walk in Tanzania’s private Amboseli with bush breakfast
  • Horseback riding (coming soon)
  • View Kilimanjaro from the Shira Plateau at 3500 meters
  • NEW: Safaris on foot (armed and guided) in the footsteps of elephants

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Guided tour in the footsteps of elephants

In the morning, we drive to a picnic breakfast in the plains of the Amboseli ecosystem. We then explore the Maasai Steppe on a two-hour walk with an armed ranger. The trail leads us through elephant territory used as a corridor between Kenya and Tanzania. We will try to find the Grey Giants, past acacia islands and wide-open spaces and observe the majestic animals from a safe distance.

Profound Maasai-Experience

Maasai are a big part of Tanzanian culture. Therefore, we deliver diversified and authentic insight into their daily lives and traditions. During this experience, the Maasai present to us the many different ways and methods of how they live in and with Mother Nature which were acquired through hundreds of years of tradition.

Shu’mata Massai Experience

Enjoy a 2-day authentic Maasai experience that gives deep insight into the traditions and the everyday lives of these semi-nomadic people. Beside a nature walk, we also offer a traditional Maasai goat barbeque in cooperation with People-to-People Safaris’ Ole Sululu, with a magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. Join us on a guided hike in the footsteps of elephants and be welcomed in a Maasai boma, where the “living fences“ of the Big Cat Guardians project are already implemented. Learn more about their habits, traditions, rituals and healing methods nature has provided them.

2 nights/ 3 days
Rates on enquiry. Min. 4 persons

“Kili4all“ or picnic on Kilimanjaro

Shu’mata also has a new attraction to offer! From Shu‘mata Camp we make our way in an open car on a relaxing 2,5 hour drive in the direction of Mount Kilimanjaro. We cross versatile climate- and vegetation zones such as steppes, lush greens and, at the entrance to the Kilimanjaro National Park, an alpine scenery. Our destination is the Shira Plateau at a level of 3.500 metres. When the clouds open, we can enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Kilimanjaro’s breath-taking summit. The Shira Day Trail takes us on a hike for about 1 hour through grasslands, heath lands and moorlands with up to 10 metre high herbs and grasses.
Eland antelopes, the biggest antelopes of Africa will cross our way on the mountain cliffs.
Colobus monkeys swing through the branches and we will also see buffalos. With a little bit of luck we might even see elephants. We will take a break on the vast plains of the plateau for a picnic lunch with the wonderful views of the summit of the highest mountain in Africa. This offer makes it possible for anyone to climb on Kilimanjaro and enjoy a picnic on its slopes.

Bild einer Pferdesafari

Kilimanjaro Horse Safari

For the adventurous, why not explore the beautiful surroundings of Shu’mata from horseback. Compared to being in a vehicle, you will be using all your senses on horseback. The sights, the sounds and the smells of Africa all round you, your horse being your personal companion.  The area offers a great variety in scenery and habitats, with many different species to be seen. Everything from dung beetles to elephants. The terrain with very few holes and rocks is suitable for long gallops and if you’re lucky, maybe even alongside a journey of giraffes. Ride amongst the local tribe called the Maasai and experience their day-to-day life.
Explore Africa on horseback and you will see so much more.


  • Be a strong intermediate or advanced rider
  • Be able to control the horses’ speed and direction at all times
  • Be in a good health condition
  • Max. weight: strictly 15 stone, 210 lbs or 95 kg
  • Have a lightweight riding hat with you
  • Wear long chaps for protection against thorns
  • Destination: Kilimanjaro NP, Amboseli Wildlife Area

Seasons: December – March, June – November

In cooperation with Kaskazi Horse Safaris and Arusha National Park we are planning a horse safari through the bush and savannah of Arusha National Park. Discover an entirely different landscape while riding through the rainforest, passing by giraffes and buffalos and colobus monkeys greeting you from above.

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